250 couples in Thailand join the annually Running of the Brides

250 couples in wedding dresses and suits raced through a Bangkok park on Saturday in the yearly “Running of the Brides” to go after $28,000 in wedding prizes.

Thai brides-to-be wearing bridal gowns run to compete in the 'Running of the Brides'

Thai brides-to-be wearing bridal gowns run to compete in the ‘Running of the Brides’

Sirada Thamwanna, 29, said she was worn out after winning the four kilometer (2.5 miles) foot race with her soon-to-be groom Sittichai Prasongsin, 27.

“Just now, I told the groom that I was going to give up, I can’t do it anymore,” Sirada said after crossing the finish line in a white wedding dress and black running shoes.

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“He supported me and said that we only had a little more to go,” she added.

The free wedding package includes a gown for the bride and suit for the groom, wedding rings, and a special first night on the Thai resort island of Phuket and a trip to the Maldives.

Source: http://www.khaleejtimes.com/international/rest-of-asia/250-couples-race-in-thailands-running-of-the-brides

Discussing What’s the Best Milk to Drink

Last weekend, I really had an awesome discussion with my friends and some nutritionist in a hotel (most of my friends are already a  moms or soon to be moms), we discuss and talk about what milk they used for kids.

I was amaze , a lot of them use breast milk ~ well that’s pretty normal but after the breast milk is gone, they use milk kefir for their child! I would never believe that kid that is 1 year old above can already drink kefir milk.

I was excited to know more, I was busy learning about the discussion that I almost forgot to eat! For some babies they hate kefir so I know we can’t really force our kids to drink it. But I also know that if we don’t push them and let them try it, slowly they might end up drinking it.

One of the nutritionist recommend a kefir site – Benefitsofkefir.com, I never knew that  some of my friends already know the site and already had talked with the site owner. There are also some moms that just want their kids to drink some ordinary milk because it’s something they don’t want to try.

I’ve learn a lot in the discussion and hope to have another one, maybe about how to brought up  a child?

I’m really excited on what will happen in the future. Advance Merry Christmas To You All!

Discussing Our Children’s Future Activities

The other day, we had a great hangouts session on Google+ where moms (and currently pregant moms) got together to talk about what they planned or are planning for their children.

Surprisingly, a lot of them chose ballet.

Obviously, I was happy, smiling ear to ear but I couldn’t help but feel, are we dictating our children’s future and likes?

I know we can’t really force our kids to do what they don’t want. But I also know that if we don’t push them, they might end up not trying anything outside their iPads.

One of the mommy bloggers that I got to talk to really wants her soon to be born daughter to take up ballet for reasons like better posture and appreciation for dance. I CAN’T ARGUE WITH THAT. It’s really a noble idea!

But there are some moms that just want their kids to try it because it’s something they weren’t able to try out. I’ve met a lot of moms over the years that just force their kids to take up classes they don’t even feel like taking. Piano anyone?

I guess what I’m really trying to say is, if we are going to push our kids to try something, we shouldn’t force them to like it after they try it.

But I guess you can force them to take ballet…kidding!

Things About the Kadayawan Festival

Celebrating the Rich Culture and Festivals in Davao

Celebrating the Rich Culture and Festivals in Davao

If you are planning to Davao to see the “Kadayawan Festival“, you’d better e book your flight earlier and get reservations at a single of the many Davao City hotels.

You should not shed any time, particularly if you want to get wonderful, clean lodging at one particular of the quite a few inns and affordable motels in Davao City – the Kadayawan is 1 of the most popular sights in the Philippines, and Davao City motels are usually booked to utmost ability at the top of the festivities.

The “Kadayawan Festival” derives its name from the “Davaoeno” phrase “Madayaw” which suggests “attractive,” “superior” or “very good.” It is a festival that is typically a single of thanksgiving, and it is the descendant of the tribal apply of providing thanks to a supreme being known as “Manama” for bountiful harvests. For the duration of these tribal festivities, farm implements, flowers, fruits and grains were laid out on mats as the individuals sang and danced and supplied thanks to the divinities.

Nowadays, the common notion of thanksgiving for a year of bounty is however the driving pressure powering the “Kadayawan”. Nevertheless, it has also been transformed into a showcase that attributes the numerous sources and merchandise of Davao, both equally in the type of neighborhood goods as very well as native expertise.

There are quite a few great sights that tourists will take pleasure in during the “Kadayawan”, such as parades and avenue dancing with colorful costumes and superb choreography that functions aspects of “Lumad” and Muslim tradition. These are a must-see for any tourist who needs an exuberant, unforgettable practical experience.

In addition to avenue dancing, the “Kadayawan Festival” also capabilities a floral float parade exhibiting the beautiful refreshing flowers in all forms of innovative preparations. For these who want some thing in the way of nightlife, there is also a sequence of no cost live shows and entertainments featuring both equally indigenous performers, community talent in modern-day pop performances, and even huge names in the Philippine amusement sector. There are also vogue reveals and elegance contests showcasing numerous neighborhood beauties.

To experience the Kadayawan in all its glory, verify into 1 of the low cost lodges in Davao City. The lodges in Davao City will give you all the requirements like clean, comfy rooms, WiFi and 24-hour security on a finances but with a deluxe sense since they do not only give you ease and comfort, they also give their company a household absent from residence.

So if you are hunting for a fantastic location, Davao City is the put to be.

If you want to examine Davao City, Philippines, all you require to do is to uncover a great vacationer manual to be capable to help you close to. Your continue to be will actually one of your most memorable specially if you stay in affordable hotels in Davao City

Davao City’s Applauded Ordinances

Even though it’s a well-known vacationer place, Davao City is a place that’s really worth dwelling in as effectively. More than its riveting nature locations and paradise islands, the city’s appreciation for the excellent of great and healthful living stands out the most. Seriously, daily life is in Davao. Additionally, its governing administration delivers a listing of ordinances that retains the metropolis in order. Humbly talking, some of these ordinances are praised nationally and internationally. Here’s a number of of them.

Using tobacco Ban

In influence for 10 several years now, Davao’s been praised for its smoking ban. However it was doubted at initial as a poor plan in selling the tourism of the city, the govt and its lieu didn’t see what’s completely wrong and decided that it can be for the finest. In the prolonged operate, tourism has never been much better. In addition, smoking was controlled within the specified parts in the city. As the metropolis prioritizes wellbeing and air pollution, many metropolitan areas in the Philippines are starting to follow Davao’s actions as effectively.

Plastic Ban and Waste Segregation

A town that values naturel, Davao urges its lieu to shield and conserve their organic resources. Alongside with the threats of local weather modify and the ongoing increase of wastes, Davao implements a waste segregation and plastic ban between all of the lieu and institutions. All of the restaurants, retail stores and malls are in participation by using paper bags and biodegradable plastic bags. Moreover, the city assigns a day whereby no plastic (straws, utensils, bags, containers and many others.) shall be applied by trade establishments.

Organic and natural Agriculture

Blessed with fertile soil and involved farmers, Davao continues to produce their goods as a result of organic methods and a lessen in the use of dangerous pesticides and fertilizers. The agricultural business is Davao’s largest economic climate as a result in order to shield the surroundings and the production system in the very long operate, the government carries on to glance for ways on how to lessen hazardous procedures.

Indigenous People’s Security and Representation

Davao City will take pride and huge respect to its heritage and tribes. Up to this day, there are nonetheless a number of tribes that exist in region side and mountain regions of the metropolis. Even now considerably from civilization, the govt supports them by funding their communities in terms of education and learning, household treatment and livelihood.

As these ordinances build up the city’s firm and robust process, it’s also excellent to listen to that the lieu are quite participative. Following all, all people rewards in the city’s goodwill and governance- some thing that a correct Davao nearby is proud of and thankful for.